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Raid Panáfrica 2012

PGO team adds its third victory in the Raid Panafrica 2012


Rui Cabaço and Juanjo Llido won in the category of buggy's and auparon to sixth place with a BuggRacer absolute Serie entirely.

The official team with Rui Cabaço PGO and Juanjo Llido front prevailed for the third time, the second in a row, in the category of buggies / UTV's demanding Panáfrica Raid, which ended last weekend in Morocco. In the overall standings, the duo managed a creditable sixth javiense absolute position, as in the previous edition.

This time the PGO had to be measured to a total of 45 participants, SUV cars, bikes, quads, buggies and UTV, and overcome a distance of 2,300 kilometers in deserts and roads north-east and south-east Morocco. According to Rui Cabaço, team driver, "winning this year has been more complicated than ever, but also simply end the intact vehicle has been a chimera. Surprisingly, we have succeeded because the course has been the hardest and complicated of the five editions in which I participated. Even motorists had to get off a few times to try to keep throwing the bike on foot. "

The feat has more merit if it is given that the team PGO Bug Racer 600i, 500i developments regarding recently introduced in the market, is a lightweight buggy 4x2 fully equipped as standard with a new engine PGO only 43 hp. "In fact the vehicle has 4 hp more than the previous model, but it shows a great improvement especially in torque delivery. The BuggRacer is an economic machine, easy to carry, very reliable and perfect for trips to both raids, as we have shown again. I can only add that the new engine gives another spirited character to the vehicle and allows the dunes move more freely, "attests.

Juanjo and co-driver Cabaço Llido dominated the event from start to finish, despite receiving a penalty in the first leg in 15 minutes for exceeding the maximum time 13 hours prescribed by the organization. "Every day we had to work very hard because the hours were marathon, but also had to study very well the strategy to follow. The Panáfrica is a type of competition in which raw speed but not reach way points (way points) which marks the organization, not to exceed the maximum allowable time and traveling the minimum number of miles, "explains Lido.

The more complicated day raid was the third, when all participants had to overcome a stretch "very uncomfortable and slow," says Cabaço, 100 kilometers of 'camel grass' during the day and 100 at night.

The test sour note came the next day when the doctor Panáfrica life lost in an unfortunate accident. "It was an absolute mazado for everyone. Armand knew from previous editions and was an extraordinary person. He knew that this competition was tough, but never imagined that a fatal blow of fate had to live a situation so sad and unhappy. Or it could have happened anywhere and can not be blamed on anyone. It was totally random and all equipment deeply sorry for him and his family and friends, "says distressed Cabaço.

As a result of that accident the fourth and the sixth (and last) stages were canceled. "It was the most logical, because the spirits were not to continue competing. I just want to add my thanks to PGO, to Vouga, the distributor for Spain and Portugal of PGO, and especially Jacinto Abrantes, to CompeGPS / TwoNav and mechanical support team Pelarda Mas "he concludes.


PGO was founded in 1964 as one of the pioneers to manufacture scooters in Taiwan. Through a technical cooperation with ITALY Piaggio from 1972 to 1982 and never ending devotion to the development of new technology and trendily design, PGO has been creating numerous popular scooters well accepted worldwide.



Mr. C. F. Chang established Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd. In the year of 1965 under the license of Italian Piaggio Co. for the Vespa Scooter production.


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