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Q: Is this PGO Buggy on road legal in South Africa ?.

A: Yes, it has been homologated by NRCS South Africa under the category "L7e". (NATIONAL REGULATOR FOR COMPULSORY SPECIFICATIONS ACT 5 OF 2008)

Q: Under which code of driving licence can it be driven?.

A: Code " B "  light passenger vehicle ( But we strongly recommend to wear helmet while driving).

Q: What mileage can I get in the PGO Buggy ?.

A: On road 20km in a liter

Q: Strange,  this buggy can be on road legal?.

A: Not to the rest of the world as Europe and USA has more strict regulations for on road vehicles but this PGO Buggy is road legal there for years.

Q: It is a new product, how can we trust?.

A: In fact not for Europe, America and Asia but not any more even for South Africa as we have sold so many units since 2010 to individuals, security companies, game farms and mining industry. No warranty claims received  yet. Our company is a local authorized agent for PGO Buggy's and has full back of service, maintenance and parts supply. On top of all, PGO Buggy has been approved for its quality by world's best quality check institutes like RDW Netherland, TUV Germany. Stress free !!!

Q: Can I insure this buggy ?.

A: Yes, as it has all the necessary local approval certificates.

Q: PGO Buggy's price is low if I compare the features and quality with other similar vehicles in the market like "SIDE BY SIDE etc, why?.

A: Sportsride believe in fair strategy for resale value unlike other similar products bring disaster when it comes to resale. We have a privilege in special negotiation with the manufacturer to show our clients the green light on reselling stage. So we are keeping the price low as much as we can!!!

Q: Can this buggy be financed ?.

A: Yes, for further details please contact our office.

Q: I went to a similar place like your's and wanted to test drive the vehicle but they only allowed to drive in the parking , how can a person judge the vehicle like that ?.

A: We play with open cards unlike others that's why we provide the facility of on/off- road tracks, so any client is welcome to test drive the PGO Buggy the way they please. Compare our quality of product, service and confidence in the product.


PGO was founded in 1964 as one of the pioneers to manufacture scooters in Taiwan. Through a technical cooperation with ITALY Piaggio from 1972 to 1982 and never ending devotion to the development of new technology and trendily design, PGO has been creating numerous popular scooters well accepted worldwide.



Mr. C. F. Chang established Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd. In the year of 1965 under the license of Italian Piaggio Co. for the Vespa Scooter production.


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